Low Cost Printer Ink – Toner Cartridges 

Why is printer ink so expensive anyway?

OEM printer cartridges–aka ink or toner made by your printer’s manufacturer (HP, Canon, Epson)–are all priced high to make up for the cost of manufacturing printers. Brands like HP, Epson, and Canon sell cheap inkjet printers often at cost just to get consumers to buy their product. They then hope to make the money back from the ink and toner cartridges those consumers would have to buy in order to keep their printers running later on.

Do not play with white marks

You can save with ink and toner cartridges without sacrificing a minimum of quality.
Ink cartridges can be recycled well, or they can be poorly recycled. The time that is dedicated, the technology that is developed, as well as the quality of the components will determine if the printer consumable is Premium or bad

Where to buy ink cartridges and Color Premium toner cartridges?

You can buy as wholesalers or distributor on our website A4toner.com

If you are private and want to buy Color Premium consumables, you can also do so at a4toner.com, from Amazon, or at the retail stores that buy our product to sell it to the child.